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Simply put, Vivo means “Living.” Team Vivo wants to enjoy everyday as much as possible.We want to help you learn to enjoy it too by taking a few minutes out of your day to spend on YOU! 

Welcome to Vivo Spa Salon. We love making people feel and look beautiful. We are a full service spa and hair salon who's love of everything beautiful shows with every experience we create for you! Come relax in our spa, be pampered from head to toe. Enjoy one of our customized facials or massages , treat your hands and toes to our signature manicure and pedicures, and finish with a new style and color! When you visit Rosemary, you can leaving looking as good as you feel.

We don't believe in limitations in your experience. We book our massages based only on the time you want, not by the type. All of our massages are just one price. So it does not matter if you want a deep tissue or a hot stone massage, its all one price based on time. If you want to combine hot stones with deep tissue and add swedish massage, no problem, we can do it all. If you don't feel like leaving your house, we can come to you! 

We like to keep things simple in the spa. When you sit down with our spa team, they will start your facial with a rosemary-spearmint foot scrub while consulting with you on the results you would like in your facial. And no need to be confused with prices. All of our facials are just one price. This is how we know your skin will get the results you want!

rosemary revive-Mint


Vivo’s signature blend of essential oils Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree,  Eucalyptus & Lavender balances, softens and restores all hair types  with a refreshing cool feeling. ”  

WHAT IT IS: VIVO SPA SALON’s Rosemary Revive-Mint is an exclusive shampoo, body wash and conditioner made for 30A.

WHY WE DID IT: We saw the need for 30A to have it’s distinct brand of luxury hair care with a custom designed, organic blend of essential oils that is representative of the area using the native plants of rosemary found on our beaches.

WHERE CAN YOU GET IT: Vivo Spa Salon, of course! We are proud to have The Rosemary Beach Inn as the first hotel to carry Rosemary Revive-Mint in their rooms! We are also forming partnerships with local businesses who would like to provide our new brand to the wonderful people of 30A.

CAN I CARRY IT? Yes! Email us at to receive information on how you can carry it in your store.

CAN I HAVE IT FOR MY HOUSE? Absolutely! We have two sizes available for home use. We have our 8oz retail size and we have easy to use dispensers and gallon sizes to reduce waste!

CAN I HAVE IT IN MY RENTALS? Yes! We created our amenity program to offer a more eco-conscience solution to the MASSIVE amount of waste created with traditional amenity bottles, while helping you save money.

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